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Welcome to the Manor House Plants

Free Initial consultation and design services

Pick the brains of an expert Get one of our experts to come and visit your site with no obligation.  It gives you the opportunity to discuss ideas, review your […]

Plants create a great work environment

Does an office without plants look right? Walk into an office without plants and see the difference they make to the feel and environment.  Apart from the health benefits that […]

Save up to 50% by coming to Manor House Plants

How can we claim this? We have previously won major contracts off National Suppliers where we have been able to replace all the clients existing plants and containers with brand […]

We give you great value for your money

How can Manor House Plants give you such great value? Simple – we don’t have an expensive corporate HQ or offices, no expensive sales team and we keep our overheads to a […]

You get the same people maintaining your plants

Do you get the same technician maintaining your plants? YES Each contract has a maintenance technician assigned to it.  They are encouraged to get to know you, understand what you want […]