Contract Types

3 Plant contract types to suit you – starting from as little as £8 per month

Full Plant Display Rental Contract – this includes:

  • Free initial consultation, design services and full quotation (see “Free Initial Consultation & Design Services” details below)
  • Supply and installation of plant displays (see “Supply & Installation” details below)
  • Regular maintenance by one of our experienced staff (see “Maintenance Program” details below)
  • Renewal (included in the monthly rental fee) of any plants that are not up to our high standards
  • Contract terms – see “Contract Periods” below

Maintenance Only Plant Display Contract – this includes:

  • Maintenance only.  This usually applies to companies with existing plant displays
  • Free initial consultation, review of existing displays and full quotation
  • If required, initial replacement & or upgrade of existing displays
  • Regular maintenance by one of our experienced staff (see “Maintenance Program” details below)
  • Renewal (free of charge) of any plants that are not up to our high standards
    (if required and after initial replacement of substandard plants and containers)
  • Contract terms – see “Contract Periods” below

Purchase Only Contract – this includes:

  • Purchase only – this is ideal for you if you want to maintain your own plant displays
  • Initial consultation and design services
  • Supply and installation of plant displays
  • Advice and training of how to keep your plants looking great
  • Contract terms – see “Contract Periods” below

Contract Periods:

Full Rental: Where we are putting in a new installation we ask for an initial 12 months contract period followed by a notice period of 3 months.
Maintenance: Contracts we simply ask for a notice period of 3 months.
Purchase: No period just supply and installation.
Does your current supplier offer such great terms? We can because Manor House Plants has a fantastic record of retaining its clients. We are confident that you will not want to change after you see what great service you receive.

Maintenance Program – what do you get

Visits: Regular visits to your site by our experienced & trained staff to maintain your plant displays in the best possible condition.
Watering: Check of current saturation and top up based on plant needs. This varies depending on the plant type, ambient temperatures, light levels, planter type & set up, humidity and season. More damage is caused to plants though over watering than under watering!!
Cleaning: This keeps leaves and plants looking great. It includes dusting, washing, polishing of leaves and the removal of dead leaves and debris from the displays.
Trimming: Carried out to keep the plants looking great, in the right shape and in good health.
Feeding: Regular application of a good general Phostrogen based fertilizer to feed the plants and provide them with all their nutrient requirements.
Planter maintenance: Check of planter exterior surface – cleaning and polishing where needed. Soil level replenishment and check on top dressing coverage.
Pest & Disease Control: Examination and identification of pests (e.g. insects & fungal). Implementation of monitoring and control measures which adhere to office environment health and safety requirements.
Plant replacement: Review of all plants installed for condition. Replacement and installation of substandard plants (free of charge if part of your contract) where required to maintain the quality of the displays.

Supply & Installation – what do you get

Supply: The plants and containers you want, painted in your chosen colour, are assembled into displays at our warehouse ready for installation.
Installation: On an agreed date with the client the displays are delivered to site and installed in the offices and finish top dressed. Each is watered and checked for condition. Client reviews and approves installation. Arrangements made for timing and access for future maintenance visits (if required).

Free Initial Consultation and Design Services

Consultation: Free site survey covering corporate image, style & ambience review, environment assessment (light, temperatures, draughts, air conditioning, space etc) and discussion on what you would like / objectives.
Design Services: Selection of containers (type, style, colour, watering systems) and plants for each location.
Quotation: Fully priced quotation covering your needs which could include: supply, installation and maintenance together with any options required.