Why Have Plants

Plants create a great work environment – why???

The drive by building designers to maximize energy efficiency has led to reduced fresh air exchange
and increased levels of insulation.  This has resulted in workers making increased health complaints,
such as: itchy eyes, skin rashes, drowsiness, respiratory and sinus congestion, headaches and other
allergy related symptoms leading to higher levels of sick leave and time lost to organisations
(sick building syndrome).Studies have shown that plants in office environments significantly reduce staff physical
and emotional stress, making them feel better, perform better and ultimately leading to
increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Just some of the benefits of having plants in your office:

  • They make an office look established and transforms the visual impact and initial impression
  • They make an office a healthier and more pleasant environment promoting wellbeing and productivity
  • They improve the environment by increasing oxygen levels (associated with keeping alert), increase humidity levels, remove carbon dioxide, and remove other toxins given off by office equipment, furnishings, building materials and chemicals used.
  • Reduced absenteeism and sickness.