Xmas Trees

Christmas Tree Made Easy for You!

Christmas Tree Rental – the hassle free Xmas tree

Manor House Plants offer’s you the no hassle Christmas tree service.
You decide size and colours for the decorations.  We deliver a top quality
Nordman fir ‘low needle drop’ real Christmas tree, fully decorated,
with lights during the first week of December and remove it before the 12th Night!
Prices are as follows:
5ft Tree                     £195                                             8ft Tree                         £295
6ft Tree                     £225                                            9ft Tree                          £380
7ft Tree                     £265                                            10 ft Tree                       £485

(All exclusive of VAT)

Larger trees are available. Please call for prices.

Artificial Christmas Tree Rental

You can also have an artificial tree for anyone who’s allergic, or just prefers artificial.
Prices are 10% more than the ‘real’ tree price up to 7ft.  Bigger than this, please call for a quote.

Colour combinations:

  • Silver / Red
  • Silver / Bright Blue
  • Silver / Dark Blue
  • Silver / Aqua Blue
  • Silver / Purple
  • Silver / Black
  • Silver / Gold
  • Gold / Red
  • God / Purple

Please return the attached order form or email: hello@manorhouseplants.co.uk or call us on 01672 514 288.  To get the best quality trees from our suppliers we will need to have your order before the end of September 2012.  We know this seems very early but it does guarantee the quality and availability.  We can accept orders up to the end of November but we cannot guarantee availability and the prices may increase due to difficulty of supply.